What We Believe

We are a Christ-centered church, warmly embracing everyone we encounter and we are seeking practical ways to demonstrate Christ's love to those around us. We gather every Sunday to celebrate what God has done in our lives. Every week, we study the Bible as a source of encouragement and inspiration. Our desire is to live each week as representatives of God. Between Sundays, we meet together in smaller groups for prayer, spiritual growth, to accomplish projects and just for fun. Wherever you are in life, you will be met with open arms at The Gathering.

  1. We are followers of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe Him to be the divine Son of God, immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit, and thus the sinless sacrifice who became the Savior of mankind from our nature and condition of sin.
  2. We believe the Bible to be definitive, authoritative, and inspired by God to communicate with man His purposes and plans for our lives.
  3. We believe in the infilling and indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. He inhabits the life of true believers, seals us in redemption, and leads us in the will of God. He also empowers us to supernatural works in His Kingdom plan.
  4. We believe that every person is born with a sin nature. Therefore, there is a need for redemption to restore our separation from God. We further believe this redemption comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which the Bible calls salvation. We believe this relationship takes place whenever a person of genuine faith invites Jesus into his/her life, receives forgiveness of sin, and surrenders the balance of his/her life to living with Him and for Him.
  5. We believe in the Great Commission. Our primary task is to make disciples of Jesus and to baptize them in His name. We practice baptism by immersion.
  6. We believe that Christianity is not religiosity or the adherence to a particular dogma, but is a life-changing expression of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. True disciples commit themselves through sincerity and heartfelt passion to a different way of life.
  7. We believe in and practice missions as a normal part of the lifestyle of Christians. Spreading love, hope, and healing to a broken world through the message of Jesus Christ is a priority of every true believer.
  8. We believe in eternity. The Bible teaches us of a future life beyond this physical world that is a result of the faith and relationship with God which we as individuals have developed in this life. It is based upon a grace-gift and not the amassing of good works.
  9. We believe in the invisible and universal Church, comprised of all true followers of Jesus Christ, as the instrument of God in the world today.