Below are the upcoming events for middle school and high school students at The Gathering. If you have questions, or need more information, please email Pastor David here. Information about most of these events (as well as the opportunity to register for them) is also available on our Church Center app which you can download from the app store, google play, or wherever you get your apps.

Sunday Night Chill (August 1)

We're going to hang out, play some chill games outside, and eat together. There will be a little bit of something for everyone. We'll also spend a little time talking about what is next for the youth group and dreaming about the great future that awaits us!

Bowling, Pizza, and Friends (August 8)

Join us at Poelking Lanes on August 8 to throw heavy objects at bowling pins. We'll have pizza for everyone and everything is free! Show up at 5pm and plan to bowl until 7pm!

Poelking Lanes (SOUTH)

8871 Kingsridge Dr

Dayton, OH 45458

War Games (August 15)

We believe that peacemakers are blessed, but soemetimes it's fun to play games that require strategy, energy, and sneakiness. Be prepared to be active, and practice your special ops maneuvers because War Games is going to require your very best!

We'll have great food also!


Our High School group meets at 10am. This discussion-oriented addresses relevant topics in a casual environment. At the end of group time, everyone attends the 11:00am worship gathering together.

Our Middle School students meet during the 11:00am worship gathering. This is a safe place to experience Jesus and move forward in a relationship with Him. Our discussion is relevant to students, wherever they are, and challenges them to progress through the discipleship process.