3 Ways for students to connect to Christ!

The student ministry of The Gathering connects parents and students to Christ through Friday night Merge with a focus on God, Sunday morning LIFEgroups with a focus on relationships, and once a month Emerge events with a focus on their community. 


Sunday Mornings from 11-12pm(Resuming this Fall)

Submerge LIFEgroups Sunday Morning is for Middle and High School students. Each group meets in their own room so that we have age appropriate environments. We want Emerge to be a place where everyone feels welcome. We serve food, play games, watch fun videos, and have relevant biblical discussion. Submerge is a safe place to experience Jesus and move forward in a relationship with Him. Our discussion is relevant to students, wherever they are, and challenges them to progress through the discipleship process.

Why come to our Student Ministry?

  • We care about students and what’s going on in their lives.
  • We know students want to be where their friends are; that is why we make this time as fun and relevant as possible. 
  • We use biblical teaching to help students make wise decisions.
  • We help students positively influence their friends.
  • We show students the importance of serving others.

Emerge Serves

Encountering Jesus is all about serving others. Students need to see their own school as a mission field by sharing Christ with their friends. We encourage students to serve in the church in areas such as Children, Ushers, or Tech Team. Many opportunities are provided for youth to serve locally, regionally and globally.


Students will not be in youth ministry forever. Our goal is to equip and train them for the next step so they are ready for college or whatever life has for them. As we prepare them for the future, they are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers about their faith.