We are a Christ-centered and grace-oriented church on a mission to connect more people to Jesus.

We believe:

  1. God loves the world.
  2. We trust the Bible.
  3. Nobody is perfect.
  4. Only Jesus saves us.
  5. We love everyone.

Student Ministry at The Gathering

The purpose of our student ministry is to connect more students to Jesus and to equip them to remain connected to Him for the rest of their lives.

We are looking for...

a gifted leader to accomplish this purpose by partnering with our students, our volunteer leaders, and our parents.

a team player to partner with us as we seek to build up God's kingdom and His people. 

An official job description will be created to accurately reflect the gifts and passions of our new team member. Click here to look at a tentative job description for this position.

Are You Interested?

Click here to reach out to David (our lead pastor).

Send a video, resume, portfolio, links, or whatever you think will most effectively communicate who you are and where you've been.

About The Gathering

The Gathering is a mid-sized church (500ish pre-COVID) in Centerville, Ohio (south of Dayton). We have experienced healthy growth throughout 2020 and 2021 and anticipate this trend will continue. Our staff team is united and energized with a low tolerance for drama. We have a strong volunteer culture and a high percentage of our congregation is engaged in groups or teams (or both).

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About Our Team

We believe leadership is one of God's gifts to the church, it is not THE gift or the PRIMARY gift. The role of a leader in Christ’s church is to equip God’s people to do God’s work in God’s world. We value teamwork, no one is a "lone ranger". We invest in people and equip teams to do ministry together. We accomplish all ministry by empowering partners to serve in their areas of giftedness.

Every member of our staff team is committed to these core competencies:

Our responsibilities to ourselves:

  • We will guard our hearts and minds
  • We will prioritize our families
  • We will be connected to a group
  • We will attend Sunday worship gatherings
  • We will cultivate productivity promoting habits

Our responsibilities to each other:

  • We will be flexible
  • We will communicate more than necessary
  • We will assume the best about others
  • We will listen first, then respond
  • We will meet agreed upon deadlines

Our responsibilities to our church:

  • We will smile often
  • We will promote and protect the unity of the church
  • We will recruit and train volunteers for ministry
  • We will provide equipping and encouragement for volunteers
  • We will multiply our ministry impact