Knot groups are a critical element in The Gathering’s CONNECT and RECONNECT strategy for this summer. Knot groups are an opportunity for you to connect with people around ACTIVITY rather than IDENTITY. Every group will be different. They will have minimal structure so that as many as possible can experience maximum connection.

You can view all the open Knot Groups HERE.

Know Names.

Offer Thanks.

Every KNOT GROUP is different, but in every KNOT GROUP, two activities will happen every time they come together: 

1. Everyone will learn everyone else's name.

2. Together, the group will give thanks.

After that, the activity will begin!

Possible Knot Groups

Hiking, Game Nights, Eating Out, Cooking, Kayaking, Arts and or Crafts, Photography, Gaming, Geocaching, Disc Golf, Mini Golf, Biking, Woodworking, or anything else!



Ephesians 4 says that God gave leaders to the church who will equip the people for the work of ministry. We want to equip YOU to lead a KNOT GROUP. So we won't do this for you, but we will use our time and resources to help you.

Below are the five simple steps you need to take in order to lead a KNOT GROUP.

  1. Commit to at least 5-6 events.

  2. Schedule your first 5-6 events (please contact the church first if you need to use the building or property).

  3. Let us know your details by filling out this FORM.

  4. As needed, communicate any schedule changes to Pastor Steve.

  5. Send out a reminder email before every event.

Get More Information

If you have questions, or want to learn more, or if you are thinking about launching a KNOT GROUP, please click below to email Pastor Steve.