Stay On The Path

These resources will equip you to walk the path God has prepared for you.

Every day we have the opportunity to take the best possible "next steps" in life.

These tools will prepare your heart and transform your mind,

empowering you to choose the steps God has laid out for you.

  • the reNEW journal

    The reNEW journal points you to God's Word so that God's Word will transform you. Each week, you'll be guided through four lessons. Every lesson will encourage you to read specific passages in the Bible, consider what they mean and discern how they apply to your life. The first two lessons are a review of Sunday's sermon and the second two lessons are a preview of the coming sermon. Click here to check out this week's reNEW journal.

  • LIFEgroup Questions

    LIFEgroups are a collection of individuals who share their lives for the purpose of knowing God and becoming more like Jesus. We hope everyone connected to The Gathering is also connected to a LIFEgroup.

    Each week, we provide a discussion guide to help our LIFEgroups follow-up Sunday's sermon. These questions can also be used by individuals as a Bible study guide or by smaller groups of 2-3 people who meet together for study and encouragement. Click here to get a copy of this week's questions.